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Not Allowed to Communicate With the Press

According to Paula Broadwell talking on October 26 at University of Denver about her biography and having been asked by someone in the auditorium to talk about the Benghazi disaster where U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed, … Continue reading

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Rules for Living

Rather than explaining to the public early why he had to resign as CIA Director, General David Petraeus, once President Obama’s “czar of drone warfare  in Afghanistan” and in fact becoming later the “King of Drones”, had entertained just one … Continue reading

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PowerPoint is Not the Problem

When runaway General Stanley McChrystal resigned last month from his job in Afghanistan (I still believe that he actually craved for being fired by amateurish President Barack Obama when he gave his infamous interview to Michael Hastings of the Rolling … Continue reading

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A New Dawn

Names have a meaning, usually. US American Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has agreed to General David Petraeus’ request to rename current ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ to ‘Operation New Dawn’ going into affect on September 1, 2010. There is so much hope, … Continue reading

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Not Another Surge

President Obama’s decision on a new strategy for Afghanistan will come after Thanksgiving Day, i.e., early next week. There is fear that it will be merely about 10’000, 20’000, or 40’000 additional troops. Some would rather advice the Nobel Peace Price … Continue reading

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