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When Has Obama been Briefed on Osama’s Whereabouts?

Update May 6, 2011 below. The day after the surprise news that World’s enemy number one, Osama bin Laden, had been killed in Abbottabad in northern Pakistan by U.S. Navy’s SEAL, WikiLeaks had twittered that the Gitmo Files contain hints about Osama’s … Continue reading

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They Killed Emmanuel Goldstein

Honestly, I was rather convinced that Osama bin Laden wasn’t alive. In Orwellian times, the sole remaining superpower desperately needs an arch villain in order to wage wars (at the moment two or even three). But bin Laden, dead or alive, was … Continue reading

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Monicagate and the Rise of Al-Qaeda

About 10 years ago, the infamous impeachment attempt of former President Bill Clinton took place. The public scandal started when Linda Tripp provided Kenneth Starr with her surreptitiously recorded tapes of talks with Monica Lewinsky. On February 12, 1999 the … Continue reading

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