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Snowden May Testify in German Parliamentary Board of Inquiry

Member of German Parliament (Bundestag) Hans-Christian Ströbele of the Green Party has met with Edward Snowden in Moskow and discussed whether there is a possibility to testify in the Merkel NSA tapping case which has been a wake up call … Continue reading

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Merkel’s Mobile Phone

That NSA’s interception of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone is just another scandal in Barack Obama’s all-too-sad presidential term. That Ms. Merkel had directly complained to Obama only when she was personally targeted by the total surveillance spy organization … Continue reading

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Official Leaks to Discredit Greenwald?

British newspaper The Independent has an exclusive story today on new documents, leaked by Edward Snowden, that Britain runs a Middle East internet surveillance base. “The station is able to tap into and extract data from the underwater fibre-optic cables … Continue reading

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Show of Force – Symbolic

The physical pulverization of several hard discs in the basement of The Guardian’s King’s Cross offices by a senior editor and a computer specialist last month, closely supervised and monitored by agents of the Government Communication (sic) Headquarters (GCHQ), the … Continue reading

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Scope and Scale of NSA Surveillance

Transparency (of total surveillance by the NSA) was one of the magic terms in President Obama’s press conference at the White House yesterday. Simultaneously, the NSA published a 7-page statement [pdf] on its web page outlining what it is doing … Continue reading

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