Swine Flu


Egypt had experienced several deaths caused by the highly virulent H5N1 (“birds’ flu”) virus. However, culling pigs might be the most stupid action in fighting the developing pandemic. No pig has so far been infected by the H1N1 virus. It is a human virus. When the Egyptian government had ordered the other day slaughtering all 400’000 pigs in the country this should in fact be regarded a hostile and discriminating act of inhumanity against the some 500’000 Christians in the country. While pigs are considered unclean by most Muslims so are to one degree or the other the other “People of the Book” as well.

The Egyptian government has promised to pay compensation for the culling which is said to be a preventive measure for avoiding any panic among the Muslim majority in the country. One has to ask the question, what does panic mean here, anew pogroms among Christians? Education of the masses might be a better investment in the future of any Muslim country. Pigs are not less clean than other animals. Not to talk about human beings.

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  1. Fahad says:

    Coptic children in Cairo, 2008.

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