From Dubai

Abdolmalek Rigi, ring leader of Jundullah, Iran’s Sunni terrorist organization, which has been involved in several recent terror attacks in the country, is already confessing close connections with the CIA. His passenger plane from Dubai to Bishkek, Kyrgystan, with 113 passengers on board had been intercepted by two IRIAF F-4E Phantom II strike fighters and forced to land in Bandar Abbas.

The capture of the Iranian state enemy number one is an invaluable success for the country in troubled times. If it actually turns out that the U.S had nurtured the terror organization with logistic and financial support, the 2007 Bush administration’s and U.S senate declaration of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, or pasdaran, as terrorist organization for supporting Palestinian Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, may be put into perspective.

Even president Obama and his administration are at a loss to explain. After all, Rigi cannot simply be declared a freedom fighter.

Last update February 25, 2010

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