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Steadfast ElBaradei

According to former UN nuclear watchdog Mohamed ElBaradei’s recent account The Age of Deception – Nuclear Diplomacy in Treacherous Times, there have been just a few good men who were struggling, after having had painfully experienced large-scale fabrication of “evidence” … Continue reading

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Palestine Demilitarized

  When Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got standing ovations in almost gone-wild U.S. Congress last night, one might actually wonder what he actually meant by proposing his Two State solution by stating, “So it is therefore absolutely vital for … Continue reading

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Possible Military Dimension

As Iran’s problems with recent cyberattacks by, for instance, the Stuxnet malware may continue, the UN nuclear watchdog Yukiya Amano’s quarterly reports on Iran’s nuclear program continue yielding fodder for media speculations about possible military dimensions. In his February 2011 report, … Continue reading

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Obama’s New Middle East

How President Obama would address, in his speech on recent developments in the Middle East, the three key players, which have not participated in any constructive way in what is called the Arab Uprising, was in fact quite interesting. First … Continue reading

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When Has Obama been Briefed on Osama’s Whereabouts?

Update May 6, 2011 below. The day after the surprise news that World’s enemy number one, Osama bin Laden, had been killed in Abbottabad in northern Pakistan by U.S. Navy’s SEAL, WikiLeaks had twittered that the Gitmo Files contain hints about Osama’s … Continue reading

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