Razing the Ghetto

It is inappropriate to compare Gaza with the Warsaw Ghetto which was created by Governor General Nazi Hans Frank in October 1940. Razing the ghetto commenced  on 18 January 1943 and lasted until April. Neither the size of the Warsaw Ghetto (3.4 as compared to 365 km2) nor its population (400,000 as compared to 1.7 million) nor the number of civilian casualties (at least 300,000 Polish Jews) fit. Purposeful extermination of the Jews in the ghetto was due to starvation, contagions and mass shootings while the people of Gaza are only put on diet, with 2279 calories a day far more than what German Nazis suggested for Polish Jews (184 calories a day), see further “red lines” of Israeli authorities here [pdf]. While the wall surrounding the Warsaw Ghetto was typically 3 m high, people in the “World’s largest open air prison” (as the Gaza strip has recently been described by Noam Chomsky) are contained by up to 9 m high walls.

While the Israelis have called their current assault on Gaza “Pillar of Defense” any comparisons with Adolf Hitler’s yelling “Seit 5.45 Uhr wird zurückgeschossen” when his assault on Poland unleashed World War II after the plotted Gleiwitz incident are inappropriate. Likewise, likening Hitler’s pretext to WWII with Iran being the real target these days is absolutely inappropriate.

Hitler’s strive for Lebensraum must not be compared with Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory with its ongoing illegal settlements, constantly colonizing and stealing Palestinian land on the West Bank, and its blockage of the Gaza strip.

While Gaza is being razed these days, the 70th anniversary of the final destruction of Warsaw’s Ghetto is upcoming.

18 November 2012 @ 8:18 am.

Last modified November 18, 2012.

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