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Friendly Leaks

Reports on Friday that ex-Pentagon General James Cartwright is subject of a DoJ investigation into last year’s Stuxnet leak to the New York Times may be a red herring. It is one of the stories which in general would shine … Continue reading

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A Real Journalist

“A real journalist is one who understands, at a cellular level, and doesn’t shy away from, the adversarial relationship between government and press.” That’s what the New York Times’ Public Editor Margaret Sullivan has suggested yesterday when commenting on almost … Continue reading

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A Frenzy State of Emergency

U.S. State Department’s 2013 Trafficking in Persons Report 2013 [pdf] points to the shameful situation of forced labor, including nonpayment of wages, long working hours without rest, deprivation of food, and threats; as well as physical and, in particular, sexual … Continue reading

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“… we must move beyond a mindset of perpetual war”

After five years, President Obama returned to Berlin today and delivered another “historical” speech for about 4000 invited guests and probably millions watching him on TV. A bit boring (since we had already heard Mayor Klaus Wowereit and Chancellor Angela … Continue reading

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The Oldest And Most Powerful Legislature

Once again, Kuwait’s Constitutional Court has dissolved Parliament on Sunday and called for new elections. The same took place on June 20, 2012, when the top court annulled an opposition-dominated Parliament. The Amir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, subsequently amended the … Continue reading

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