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One Hundred and Thirty-six

One hundred and thirty-six years in prison are Bradley Manning’s perspective after judge Army Col. Denise Lind had convicted him guilty yesterday for 20 charges including espionage. Juan Cole has listed top ten ways, Manning has changed the world with … Continue reading

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Eventually Convicted

As expected, an example was made when Pfc Bradley Manning was convicted today for 20 charges including espionage but not for “aiding the enemy”. Leaking material which demonstrates a government’s wrongdoings and even war crimes is a risky business. Manning … Continue reading

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Blush of Shame

Bruce Fein, Lon Snowden’s counsel in his son Edward Snowden’s case, has written a sharp open letter to President Obama which MSNBC has published [pdf]. The tone of the letter is disrespectful, just what constitutional law professor Obama obviously deserves. … Continue reading

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False Promises

On the eve of the Bradley Manning court martial verdict on charges including “aiding the enemy”, Huffington Post reports that the website (“the office of the president-elect”) where the elect president of 2008, Barack Obama, had laid out his … Continue reading

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Helen Thomas R.I.P.

Legendary White House press corps senior correspondent Helen Thomas has passed before yesterday at age 92.  Believe it or not but she had been after nine presidents of the United States since J.F. Kennedy in the 1960s. Because of some … Continue reading

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