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What Else?

President Obama seeks finally Congress approval for a punitive attack on Syria after the chemical weapon assault in Damascus last week. What else? The commander-in-chief of the only left super power has made more mistakes (“Make no mistake!” has ironically … Continue reading

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CIA Assisted Saddam As He Used WMD Against Iran

It is still not clear who actually used chemical weapons near Damascus last week which killed hundreds of civilians, but a new alliance of the willing under commander-in-chief Barack Obama seems to seriously prepare for the next adventure in the … Continue reading

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Moving On

I have read in 2010 with interest the email chat between WikiLeaks whistle-blower Manning and Adrian Lamo, the former hacker who betrayed him to the FBI, and have reported on it. I have listened attentively to Manning’s voice, which has … Continue reading

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Official Leaks to Discredit Greenwald?

British newspaper The Independent has an exclusive story today on new documents, leaked by Edward Snowden, that Britain runs a Middle East internet surveillance base. “The station is able to tap into and extract data from the underwater fibre-optic cables … Continue reading

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Show of Force – Symbolic

The physical pulverization of several hard discs in the basement of The Guardian’s King’s Cross offices by a senior editor and a computer specialist last month, closely supervised and monitored by agents of the Government Communication (sic) Headquarters (GCHQ), the … Continue reading

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