Moving On

I have read in 2010 with interest the email chat between WikiLeaks whistle-blower Manning and Adrian Lamo, the former hacker who betrayed him to the FBI, and have reported on it. I have listened attentively to Manning’s voice, which has been recorded in his court martial in a statement made in February 2013, and wrote about my impression. I have read the transcripts of Manning’s trial at Fort Meade in Maryland.

Manning has endured already more than most of us would in their entire life. He has done what he had to do. He might have broken the law but in that case is was a duty. The sentence he received the other day is outrageous. In most civilized countries a respective sentence would not even be reserved for murderers.

Manning’s announcement that he is female and seeks some corrective treatment commands further respect. Chelsea Manning has not been broken yet. She will just move on.

You may sign the petition on We the People, Restore the United States’ human rights record and grant clemency to Pvt. Bradley Manning.

23 August 2013 @ 6:00 pm.

Last modified August 23, 2013.

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