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Absolutely Not Expected

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is of course smart, too. Hassan Rouhani’s victory was inevitable. At 50.7% it would have been a so often exercised easy task to give clandestine orders to the Interior Ministry to round down his … Continue reading

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Smart Iranians

That democracy actually works in Iran might be considered an outrageous claim of apologetic defenders of the regime in Tehran. But Iranians are clever. This time, four years after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s questionable re-election(I have never seen convincing data which ultimately … Continue reading

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Dashed Hopes

President Barack Obama visits Berlin on Tuesday and Wednesday next week for the second time. Five years ago the then campaigning presidential hopeful gave one of his numerous “historical” speeches in front of the Victory Column (commemorating the Prussian victory … Continue reading

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Jeremy Benthem’s Panopticon

We might owe whistle-blowers Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden (after Daniel Ellsberg) nothing else than the future. We got a final wake-up call. What Snowden has revealed is what all had long feared in nightmares but could not imagine to … Continue reading

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Kuwait Deports its Workforce

I had generally been hesitant to report on ludicrous news from the tiny, oil-rich feudal autocracy in the corner of the Persian Gulf. This is owing to plenty of nice memories when having lived and worked in Kuwait just a … Continue reading

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