Taking a Terrorist Way too Serious

After the recent terror attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, and atrocities by Daesh, the self-proclaimed Islamic State, Western voices including U.S. president Barack Obama have claimed that this does not represent Islam. Outrage about a perceived helplessness of the Muslim world to make very clear that al-Baghdadi and his thugs are terrorists, nothing else, has been mediated by pointing to an explicit declaration of Muslim authorities which has allegedly been ignored in Western media outlets.

There is a reason for not paying too much attention. When trying to read the respective open letter to a terrorist of September 2014, one may be appalled from the beginning when noticing to whom this pamphlet is addressed, “Dr. Ibrahim Awad al-Badri – alias Abu Bakr al-Bagdhadi,” well, a doctor. The letter is 34 pages long, including 126 original signatories.

It suffices to randomly check respective items in the executive summary to immediately realize the most hypocritical content of the letter. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has experienced a surge of executions in 2014, for example for such “crimes” as sorcery (#19 It is forbidden in Islam to attribute evil acts to God). Political dissidents and religious preachers of minority sects within Islam are threatened with severe punishment. A blogger, critical of the religious establishment, is sentenced to 1000 lashes, executed in poundings of 50 each Friday after prayers (now suspended, not because of mercy but probably Western pressure), so slowly torturing and killing him (##16, 17 It is forbidden in Islam to torture, to enact legal punishments (hudud) without following the correct procedures that ensure justice and mercy). Women’s rights in KSA, just forget it (#14 It is forbidden in Islam to deny women their rights). Modern forms of slavery are present in all of the Gulf countries ( #12 The re-introduction of slavery is forbidden in Islam. It was abolished by universal [sic] consensus). In Qatar, numerous Muslim expats, deprived of their passports, die of incredible heat and humidity in each summer for the questionable purpose of building stadiums and an infrastructure for the 2022 Worldcup of completely corrupt FIFA (heavily criticized in the West, not in Qatar).

It is actually not really worth to seriously go through the text of the open letter by Muslim authorities which is full of ahadith, far out of the 21st century. One exception may be the following, just in order to explain the completely absurd undertaking of warning Abu Bakr’s followers.

On page 26, ahadith of Ali bin Abi Talib are quoted,

‘When you see the black flags’: The flags of the ‘Islamic States’ are black.

‘Remain where you are’: i.e., stay where you are, O Muslims, and do not join them.

‘And do not move hands or your feet’: i.e., do not help them financially or with equipment.

‘Thereafter there shall appear a feeble insignificant folk’: i.e. ‘weak’ and ‘insignificant’ in terms of understanding of religion, morality and religious practice.

‘Their hearts will be like fragments of iron’: i.e. they will ruthlessly kill prisoners of war and cruelly torture people.

‘They will have the state’: For almost a century, no one has claimed to be an Islamic Caliphate other than the current ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and the Levant.

‘They will fulfil neither covenant nor agreement’: The ‘Islamic State’ did not fulfil its agreement with the Sha’etat tribe after the tribe pledged allegiance to them; indeed the ‘Islamic State’ slaughtered them by hundreds. They also killed journalists.

‘They will call to the truth’: The ‘Islamic State’ calls to Islam.

‘But they will not be people of the truth’: The people of the truth are merciful. The Prophet Muhammad said: ‘Have mercy and you will be shown mercy.’

‘There names will be parental attributions’: Like ‘Abu Muthana,’ ‘Abu Muhammad,’ Abu Muslim’ and so on.

‘And their aliases will be derived from towns’: Like: Al-Bagdhadi,’ al-Zarqawi,’ ‘al-Tunisi’ and so on.

‘Their hair will be free-flowing like that of women’: ‘Islamic State’ fighters have hair precisely like this.

‘Until they differ among themselves’: Like the differences between the ‘Islamic State and its parents, the al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in Syria). The fighting between these two has led to around ten thousand deaths in a single year.

‘Thereafter, God will bring forth the truth through whomever He wills’: through a clear and correct Islamic proclamation (like the open letter).”

The chapter closes with a warning from the Qur’an (Luqman, 31:16).

“The sage Luqman says in the Qur’an: ‘O my son! Even if it should be weight of a grain of mustard-seed, and [even if] it be in a rock, or in the heaven, or in the earth, God will bring it forth. Truly God is Subtle, Aware.’

I did not check whether Muslim authorities remark on wearing a brassy wrist watch (visible on the few published pictures of al-Bagdhadi) is forbidden by Islam as well (that’s what I have heard when in Kuwait). Teaching a mass murderer that what he is doing is wrong does not need a pseudo-academic exegesis of Qur’an and hadith but getting him, putting him into court and sentence him according to universal  legislation, not medieval shariah.

That it is considered suitable to warn potential followers of Daesh by quoting Ali’s ahadith is alarming.

28 February 2015 @ 12:06 pm.

Last modified February 28, 2015.



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