Don’t Come Back to Afghanistan

One is well-advised to watch the above propaganda video of the Haqqani network about Sgt Bowe Berdahl’s release in 2014 after five years in captivity of the Taliban. Then president Barack Obama had closed a deal where five Taliban inmates of Guantanamo Bay were released in exchange.

I had been reminded of the fates of journalist Daniel Pearl (beheaded on camera on 1 February 2002, allegedly by the Kuwaiti mastermind of the al-Qaida 9-11 attack, Khalid Sheik Mohammed) and Nick Berg (beheaded on camera on 7 May 2004 in response to the release of torture pictures at Abu Ghuraib, Baghdad; allegedly killed by Jordanian Jihadist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi). See Bowe Bergdahl’s face expression when being cautioned, never come back!

Bowe Bergdahl was yesterday spared prison time and sentenced to paying a fine of $10,000. His rank will be degraded to private and he will get an dishonorable discharge.

What president Trump has to say is below. During his campaign, he had called him a no-good, dirty rotten traitor who deserves being shot in a firing squad as was done in the old days. Or thrown out a lane without a parachute.


4 November 2017 @ 7:50 am.

Last modified November 4, 2017.

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