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Much Ado about Nothing

  Not even as an example of bad journalism, the rather warmongering piece by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic last week isn’t really worth of reading through all its fifteen printed pages. That there had been or will be a Point … Continue reading

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Nobel Laureates

Freedom of expression grants expressing dismay about recent developments in Iran. I have done that on this blog in particular since Iran’s presidential election with its controversial result. The brutal crack down on the opposition in the aftermath of the … Continue reading

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Not Really an Accolade

A country which is preparing itself for a possible naval blockade and military attacks is not going to reveal inner conflicts or power struggles. On Saturday, at a meeting with cabinet ministers, Iran’s Velāyat-e faqih Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei exhorted … Continue reading

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Back to Reality

The realities in international chess-playing Iran are analyzed today by Bernard Avishai and Reza Aslan for the Washington Post. While the notorious Bush Administration seems to be less willing in its last days to launch an attack on nuclear facilities … Continue reading

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