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Afghan Election Fraud

I have commented in the past weeks frequently on the alleged Iranian presidential election fraud and my growing anger about the ruthless response of the country’s leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who had maneuvered himself in a hopeless situation when prematurely and most … Continue reading

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Does It Matter?

So far, President Obama had been reluctant to comment on the results of last week’s presidential election in Iran, the possibility of massive election fraud and the continuing demonstrations in Tehran and other larger cities. It won’t matter who will be … Continue reading

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A few notes on the results of the Iranian presidential election. It’s not surprising. It would have been quite a sensation if the incumbent populist hardliner president wouldn’t have been re-elected. Definitely sort of a political earthquake with imponderable consequences, … Continue reading

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Kuwaiti Women Power

In the third parliamentary election within only three years, four women have won seats in the Kuwaiti parliament yesterday. Women have fought successfully for their voting rights in 2005. I remember with much sympathy the women of Kuwait demonstrating in front … Continue reading

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Not Really an Accolade

A country which is preparing itself for a possible naval blockade and military attacks is not going to reveal inner conflicts or power struggles. On Saturday, at a meeting with cabinet ministers, Iran’s Velāyat-e faqih Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei exhorted … Continue reading

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