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Defected, Abducted

Shahram Amiri, the 31-year old low-level nuclear scientist who had been working at Malek Ashtar University in Tehran, who had disappeared in April on June 3 last year in Madinah while performing umrah, or lesser pilgrimage, and who recently escaped his … Continue reading

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Public Apathy May Enable Leaders to Ignore Voters

What actually had happened on September 4, 2009 near Kunduz in Afghanistan, and when and how the German Government, lawmakers and the public were informed about the numerous civilian casualties after bombarding the two fuel tanks which had been hijacked by Taliban … Continue reading

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The Calm Before the Storm

Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s gorgeous sermon of July 17 had forced the regime in Tehran onto the defensive. He had made it clear that both aspects, the faith and the will of the people, are of importance if the utopia of … Continue reading

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“We Were Helping Them to Anticipate and Shape the Future”

Joshua Pollock at ArmsControlWonk.com has pointed today to a lecture by Thomas Fingar, former chairman of the National Intelligence Council, which was given at Stanford University on October 21 where he provides insights as to how the Intelligence Community, by declassifying minor … Continue reading

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Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

It is generally hold that the former Bush administration and its allies had lost the war in Iraq on the day when the pictures from the Abu Ghuraib prison in Baghdad had been aired. It was exactly five years ago: … Continue reading

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