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A Latent Crisis

Most of early Meccan surahs are found on the final pages of the Qur’an. They are likely to be missed by Western readers who are only superficially interested in the Muslims’ Holy Book; altogether impossible to properly perceive. Most of … Continue reading

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A Rhetorical Triumph

Angelika Neuwirth has presented a monumental analysis of the Holy Qur’an [1] which provides a number of convincing arguments that the scripture must not be regarded as  fait accompli but had rather developed as a liturgical text during permanent and critical, … Continue reading

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On Going Astray

Tilman Nagel. Mohammed – Leben und Legende. Oldenbourg, Munich 2008, 1052 pages Operating on the premise that all Monotheism derives from the collective unconscious one may be able to describe and analyze the Creator’s biography during the centuries based on His … Continue reading

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Not Everybody’s Darling

Tilman Nagel. Allahs Liebling – Ursprung und Erscheinungsformen des Mohammedglaubens. Oldenbourg, Munich 2008, 430 pages The original sources for the detailed descriptions of legends and fairy tales which circulate among both ordinary people in the Islamic world and, for example, … Continue reading

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