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Locked Up

Those who have most enlightened us in the past couple of years about war crimes, wrongdoings, illicit surveillance of our governments in the name of a more and more absurd “Global War on Terrorism” have effectively been locked up in … Continue reading

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CIA Assisted Saddam As He Used WMD Against Iran

It is still not clear who actually used chemical weapons near Damascus last week which killed hundreds of civilians, but a new alliance of the willing under commander-in-chief Barack Obama seems to seriously prepare for the next adventure in the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Speech in Cairo in 2009 and His Lack of Honesty in 2013

Obama had delivered one of his great speeches in Cairo in June 2009. Apart from the diplomatic cables leaked by Bradley Manning later that year to WikiLeaks which demonstrated, among other things, shameless political corruption and how the United States … Continue reading

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Eventually Convicted

As expected, an example was made when Pfc Bradley Manning was convicted today for 20 charges including espionage but not for “aiding the enemy”. Leaking material which demonstrates a government’s wrongdoings and even war crimes is a risky business. Manning … Continue reading

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The Hasty And Ill-conceived Decision to Award U.S. President Barack Obama

University of UmeĆ„ professor of Sociology Stefan Svallfors’ remark to the Nobel Peace Prize committee in Oslo today when justifying his nomination of Edward Snowden may be true. But will it be of any advantage? All three, Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks … Continue reading

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