The Hidden Treasure

The Fifth Day of Creation by Mahmoud Farshchian (1990)

The Fifth Day of Creation by Mahmoud Farshchian (1990)

“I was a hidden treasure and wanted to be known.” This is the beginning of the probably most famous hadith qudsi, or extra-Qur’anic Word of God, ḥadiṯs-e kanz-e maḵf. Its more correct translation might be as follows:

“I was a Treasure unknown then I desired to be known so I created a creation to which I made Myself known; then they knew Me.”

Tradition says that it is the divine response to the Prophet David’s query when he asked about the purpose of creation. These are not the words of the Prophet Muhammad and no chain of transmission is known for this, whether sound or weak, as Ibn Taymiyya and others state. But anyway, the meaning is true and is inferred from Q51:56:

“I created the Jinns and humankind only that they may worship Me”,

meaning “that they may know Me” as Muhammad’s cousin Ibn Abbas explained it.

This hadith qudsi sounds very familiar to Christians, as well. Although no image would be allowed here, a deep feeling of limitless amicability is certainly conveyed to those who want to contemplate these words.

Since Adam and Eve were created in His image, all human beings are hidden treasures, too. And all have this deep desire to be known. So, all of us create our own little worlds, each according to his or her capabilities, talents, gifts. Of course, a limited and ephemeral world, not comparable with the Almighty’s creation.

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  1. Starr* Saffa says:

    [#24] “And so this is the stage and station of the Hidden Treasure which is mentioned. And when that Hidden Essence revealed Its Essence to Its Essence and showed forth Its Self to Its Self, the Maiden of Love, which was veiled within the canopy of the Essence of Unity,arose and came forth.” ‘I Was a Hidden Treasure’

    Tahirih dawned upon the earth as the Maid of Love in the nineteenth century, Iran to open the Portal to Source and inform all that they are now in the Age of maturity where all can be Tahirih’s and co-create the new paradigm of balance on earth.

    Living Love
    Starr* Saffa

  2. Starr* Saffa says:

    The neologism “Tahirihlogy” (the living study of the Teachings of Tahirih) has emerged as gift to all so that they may recognize the God/dess within and co-create. She was a Hidden Treasure, The Maid of Love, for our Age.

    Starr* Saffa

  3. Irving says:

    A wonderful and informative post, and with your permission, I will repost it on the Darvish blog with a link back to you 🙂

    Ya Haqq!

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  5. Fahad says:

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