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The work of Greek philosophers, mainly Aristotle but also few of Plato, had been translated into Arabic very early after the Abbasid revolution in the 8th century and continued down to the 10th century. In fact, these great works of … Continue reading

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Embedded journalism is anti-democratic. News reporters and hand-picked journalists have been attached to military units before the third war in the Gulf region (2003-) but the term ‘embedded’ has been used then for the first time and ever since. Embedded … Continue reading

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Pax Persica

When recently visiting Esfahan, I found in the old city a site which is known as Isaiah’s tomb. It is located in the small complex of the Emamzadeh Esma’il on the Kh. Hatef in the Yazdi quarter, the former Jewish … Continue reading

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Palestine Wiped Off the Map

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Medical Information Transfer into Practice in the 21st Century: A Revolution

  Advance! Advance! We advance. We advance. Can we advance? Can we advance? Can we? Can we? Henry Cow 1980 [1]  When having recently been asked to write an op-ed, I was wondering whether the above could be a good … Continue reading

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