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Another Crisis

The present political crisis in Kuwait, the tiny oil-rich Gulf state, appears, for observers from abroad, in fact rather concerning. And even inside the country, which is usually considered one of the richest in the world, most citizens, and expatriate … Continue reading

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Profit over People

This summer has seen riots of Bangladeshi cleaners in Kuwait who had been cheated by companies who had hired them from their home country to the Gulf. ‘Troublemakers’, as strikers had been called in the media, had been ‘calmed down’ … Continue reading

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In a Timely Manner

On November 13, the Institute of Science and International Security (ISIS) has published a report about ongoing construction activities at the heavy water reactor site near the city of Arak in western Iran. The report provides, for comparison, satellite pictures from … Continue reading

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Islamic Geometric Patterns

The English translation of Eric Broug’s nice booklet on Islamic geometric patterns has just been published by Thames and Hudson. Islamic geometric patterns may contribute to the impression of a haven of tranquility and relaxation in paradise gardens or may … Continue reading

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President-elect Barack Obama has given his first press conference and confirmed that he had received congrats from the Iranian President (heavily criticized by the Majlis, by the way). In his further response to the specific question he re-iterated standard formulations … Continue reading

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