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On the eve of my upcoming morgenlandfahrt, I called Aria hotel in Qum today for reservation. I will arrive 1:30 am on Tuesday next week. The receptionist was very polite, spoke English very well and asked me whether I need … Continue reading

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69˚40’N 18˚56’E

One of the numerous peculiarities of the Arctic is, of course, the midnight sun and the phenomenon that, north to the Arctic Circle, sun does not rise in the winter, at least on the 21st of December. Living 400 km … Continue reading

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Being fascinated by the DIFFERENCE in culture of Western and Muslim societies, I find the study of differences as much as important as the study of similarities in understanding what separates us. These days see, once again, an almost coincidence … Continue reading

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Not Embedded

When I recently wrote about the scandal of embedded journalism in war regions, I unintentionally missed to mention a man whose consistently informative reports from Tehran on his blog I read with increasing interest, especially when planning and organizing my next … Continue reading

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