Desperately Seeking Recognition

A mini-satellite which has successfully (as they say) been launched into orbit is definitely better than an illicit test of a nuclear bomb, which some people still expect later this year in the Iranian desert. In its preparation of direct talks with the Obama administration, Tehran wants to show its might not only as a middle power in the region but its capability of developing the most advanced technology in spite of severe international sanctions. A most probably failed attempt of shooting a satellite into orbit had been conducted last year in August. Once again, Iran is sending signals that the urgently awaited talks with the new administration in Washington must commence soon but as equal interlocutors. While the name of the satellite (Omid) refers to one of Obama’s slogans (‘Hope’) in his campaign, it is in fact doubtful whether the international community will interpret the launching of the Safir-2 rocket as ‘unclenching its fist’.

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