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A Network of Covert Uranium Enrichment Plants

Today’s announcement by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of the now rapid construction of a further ten uranium enrichment plants with up to 500’000 centrifuges (the locations of five had been decided already) definitely proves that Iran is seeking a network of … Continue reading

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ElBaradei’s Legacy

Friday’s IAEA Board of Governors’ resolution, on outgoing Director General (DG) Mohamed ElBaradei’s last working day at the Agency, is not intended to get Iran’s opaque nuclear program off with a slap on the wrist. It is much more serious … Continue reading

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The Farewell Sermon of the Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.)

I was sitting in an airplane of Saudi Arabian Airline. It had turned out to be extremely difficult for me, the infidel, to get the visa for the, at least for foreigners, isolated country of Islam. Countless times I had … Continue reading

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Bad Kunduz

  Until recently the Germans called Kunduz in the northeast of Afghanistan a spa (“Bad Kunduz”). The war was not called a war and partying in the camp common. Much has changed after two petrol road tankers had been hijacked … Continue reading

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Not Another Surge

President Obama’s decision on a new strategy for Afghanistan will come after Thanksgiving Day, i.e., early next week. There is fear that it will be merely about 10’000, 20’000, or 40’000 additional troops. Some would rather advice the Nobel Peace Price … Continue reading

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