Still Waning

These days I was thinking, among other things, of German Orientalist Navid Kermani’s ‘Terror of God’, his moving and stunning PhD thesis of 2005. Besides Biblical (and Qur’anic) Job, German poet Heinrich Heine and many other sufferers (not least members of his own family) Kermani writes much about the classical Persian poet Farid ud-Din Attar and, in particular, his ‘Book of Affliction’, or Moṣībat-Nāma, a dark masterpiece on human suffering in the presence of, and carefully watched by, God Almighty. Not coming close to Helmut Ritter’s monumental ‘Ocean of Soul’ on Attar’s oeuvre, Kermani’s book has given me, the agnostic, one or another spiritual revelation. I am grateful for that.

Yesterday, my father passed away, eventually in peace, so we hope. He is now going on a journey on which we can not join him yet, even if desired so much. When we’ll meet again, for sure, he will answer our urgent questions, guiding us into eternity.

Thank you so much for all what you have given us, dedicated, committed, responsible, and in love.

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2 Responses to Still Waning

  1. Jim Bennight says:

    I have greatly enjoyed your writing for many months and can only say that I understand your grief. (My father died in Dec of 2003 at the age of 83.)

    I do wish you and your family well and extend my own thanks for sharing your thoughts and many subjects.

  2. Fahad says:

    Thank you, Jim. We hope he rests in peace.

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