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Much Ado about Nothing

  Not even as an example of bad journalism, the rather warmongering piece by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic last week isn’t really worth of reading through all its fifteen printed pages. That there had been or will be a Point … Continue reading

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Anti-Semites and Hypocrites on the Freedom Flotilla

Kuwait’s newspapers report today of exhilarated Kuwaiti ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘activists’ who had been on board the Mavi Marmara of the Gaza Flotilla. Some of them are notorious Islamists such as MP Dr. Waleed Al-Tabtabaie, who, as an example, had expressed … Continue reading

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Judas’ Kiss

On yesterday’s Good Friday, I stumbled across Ukrainian Artist Andriy Dutka’s almost iconic “Judas’ Kiss” of 1990. It can be viewed at Wurzburg’s “Museum am Dom”. When earnestly considering Judas’ role in the Gospel, his betrayal and kiss were undoubtedly … Continue reading

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President Obama’s U-turn

One of the few Jewish survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto is Germany’s main literary critic, or “Pope of German letters”, Marcel Reich-Ranicki. In his remarkable biography “The Author of Himself: The Life of Marcel Reich-Ranicki” (Princeton University Press 2001), he … Continue reading

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Najasat-e Ahl-e Kitab

Daniel Tsadik. Between Foreigners and Shi’is. Nineteenth-Century Iran and its Jewish Minority. Stanford University Press, Stanford, California 2007, 295 pages. When Cyrus the Great freed the Jews from Babylonian Captivity in 539 BCE, some of them did not return to … Continue reading

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