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Agitated John Kerry Tells Snowden “Man Up!”

Edward Snowden’s interview with NBC’s anchor Brian Williams in Moskow last week, which was aired last night, yielded some news. In particular that Snowden has emailed his concerns to colleagues and superiors at the National Security Agency before he leaked … Continue reading

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No Place To Hide

At the outset of his new book, Glenn Greenwald quotes Senator Frank Church’s 1975 statement, who was critically assessing intelligence activities in the U.S., “The United States government has perfected a technological capability that enables us to monitor the message … Continue reading

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Problems With Data

General Keith Alexander, retired head of the U.S. American mass surveillance spy organization NSA is trying hard to polish the battered public image of his former agency. He was recently mocked in John Oliver’s debut show Last Week Tonight where … Continue reading

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Almost a Significant Emotional Event (After 9-11)

Thanks to Democracy Now!. Last week, pictures were broadcast by CBS which shocked the world. I still consider them one of the Significant Emotional Events* in my whole life. I have written about my whereabouts on that very day five … Continue reading

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Condi Caught Up By the Past

Former key figures of G.W. Bush’s administration are well advised to carefully take possible so far unatoned war crimes into account when going public. Condoleezza Rice had apparently noticed that it simply would not be possible to give her commencement … Continue reading

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